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Welcome to kosthapickles.com that offers you amazing taste and affordable price for a variety of pickles. Please go through the below listed terms and conditions for kosthapickles.com to understand your usage rights as our customer. By using our services, the buyer automatically agrees to all the terms and conditions mentioned below.

1. Conditions applied for purchase and sale of products:
We at kosthapickles.com agree to sell the products listed on our website and you i.e. the buyers, agree to buy products of your choice from the available items. The price to be paid will be a total of all your purchases and will be displayed at the checkout.

2. Registration Process:
In order to enjoy our services it is required that you should register to our website by using a valid email address and a strong password.

3. Product Pricing and Information:
The buyer should agree to buy the item at the price mentioned on the website. At kosthapickles.com , we always make sure that the prices mentioned below the products are correct and updated. Information about the product such as, the stock available, description of the product (like weight and packaging), and delivery expectations, will also be mentioned.

4. Order Placement:
Order can be placed by registered users and shall be delivered to the address specified by the user.

5. Delivery/Shipment:
The delivery of orders will be done as per our shipping policy. While our effort will be to deliver the order on the expected date mentioned on the product page, we are not responsible for unexpected delays due to traffic jams, bandhs, etc. Packing of the items is done as per our company’s standards.

6. Payment Details:
The buyer has to pay the total purchase amount displayed at checkout using the available payment options. Half payment will not be accepted in any condition.

7. Warranty of Products and Liability rules:
Warranty of the products or items on our website is for 2 weeks. According to our warranty policy, the duration of 2 weeks will be calculated from the date of shipment. We are not responsible for the product quality and also of the fact that the items purchased by the user will exactly suit their purpose, as this is a decision of the buyer on the whole.

8. Other Rules and Guidelines:
The users or buyers have no right to misuse the company’s website details, products, watermarks, etc.
By agreeing to buy from our website, you directly agree to follow the above terms and conditions. Any violation of the above conditions will cause your order/registration to be cancelled.