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Privacy policy generally describes about what we, i.e. the sellers do with our customer’s privateinformation. This policy will help you understand what type of details we ask for and how do we use them.

We value our customers and their privacy very much, hence whenever we ask any private information; it will be fully based on this policy. In order to prevent unexpected problems, we keep updating our policy regularly. Hence, it is advisable that you keep yourself updated of the changes made in these policies with time.

What do we ask for?
Here is the list of information collected by us:
Email ID or Contact Information
Date of Birth
Specific details with regards to offers and promotional campaigns

Why/How do we use the above details?
The main reason for asking such personal information is to provide you with best services that suit your
needs. However, below is a detailed description of why we use your information:

*To properly process and deliver the orders.
*To understand your interests and give you the right suggestions.
*To inform you or mail you about new product arrivals, offers and sales, that meet your needs.
*For documentation of orders
*For enhancing our performance and customizing our website according to your needs.

It must be noted that we do not collect any information without your knowledge. All the information
collected by us are only stored after seeking your permission.